#straightfromcait: What Can Companies Do to Reduce Burnout Risk?

26 Nov 2023 • 23 min • EN
23 min
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In today's episode, I will talk about how companies can help reduce burnout risk with their employees. I will be emphasizing the importance of individual responsibility in recovering from burnout and how a supportive work environment can help to recovery. Episode Highlights: Cait Donovan talks about the intricacies of burnout recovery, emphasizing each individual's pivotal role in the process. She highlights the limited impact of company-initiated changes and recent insights into working with companies on burnout-proofing and culture improvement. Cait stresses the importance of personal investment in their own recovery from burnout. Cait encourages listeners to take a proactive role in their burnout recovery, emphasizing personal investment and the power of expressing gratitude and appreciation in the workplace for a positive shift in dynamics. Remember, in burnout recovery, your pivotal role is crucial, so prioritize personal investment over relying solely on company changes. A little personal responsibility goes a long way. Additionally, foster a culture of psychological safety and always acknowledge the impact of expressing gratitude for a positive workplace shift. Connect with Cait: https://friedtheburnoutpodcast.com https://caitdonovan.com Book a free 1:1 call: bit.ly/callcait Book a free 1:1 call with Sarah: bit.ly/callsarahv Get info on FRIED's group program for burnout recovery: https://caitdonovan.com/unfried

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