Stomach Issues? AVOID these 3 Foods! - Dr. G's Quick Health Tip | EP 277.B

26 Oct 2023 • 15 min • EN
15 min
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It's not what you eat that will heal you, it's what you DON'T eat that will begin the healing foods.  Listen to this "Dr G's Quick Health Tip" episode to find out the three WORST foods to eat if you're dealing with stomach issues or have an autoimmune disease. Food either heals or harms. The great thing is, once we know WHICH foods are harming us, many of them advertised as 'healthy' foods, then it's really only a matter of time after removing them from our diets that the body begins to heal itself. For more health tips to empower you to live your best life, subscribe HERE to the Dr. Gundry Youtube channel.

From "The Dr. Gundry Podcast"

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