Aaron Horschig & Chris Duffin

Squatting 1000 lbs Barefoot & Optimizing Recovery with Chris Duffin (TOP 5 PODCAST COUNTDOWN - #4)

09 Dec 2020

From "Squat University"

This episode is #81 of the SquatU Podcast and is one of the "Top 5" podcasts so far in the show's history! In this show, Chris Duffin of Kabuki Strength joins the show. The first portion of this episode is filled with practical takeaways that can help you in your path to moving bigger weight with better technique. We cover how to analyze technique, barefoot training, blood flow restriction, and recovery techniques. Chris is currently training to squat 1000 lbs for 3 reps so as you can guess, recovery is paramount to this feat. Pre-Order MY NEW BOOK 'Rebuilding Milo': https://www.amazon.com/Rebuilding-Milo-Foundation-Enhancing-Performance/dp/1628604220/ Thank you to the new show sponsor, Bearfoot Athletics. Head to https://www.bearfootathletics.com/ and use the code "SquatU" for 10% off their products! Recommended products: https://squatuniversity.com/recommended-products/ Connect with SquatUniversity: Visit the website: http://www.squatuniversity.com Like the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SquatUniversity/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/squatuniversity Follow on TikTok: @SquatUniversity Follow on Instagram: http://instagram.com/squat_university