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Seth Godin On AI, Industrial Capitalism and Solving the Climate Crisis

24 Sep 2023 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Is AI real or just magic pretending to be real? What’s the difference between education and learning? And what does global warming have to do with marketing?!  Here today, to answer these questions, is one of my heroes, Seth Godin! Seth is an internationally renowned author and public speaker. His name is synonymous with marketing. For over 30 years, Seth has inspired countless individuals, teams, and tribes to think differently about marketing, leadership, and innovation.  Today, Seth and I sit down to discuss his latest book, The Song of Significance, a manifesto for teams desperately seeking ways to navigate the age of disconnection, AI, the educational system, and global warming.  Strap in for another mind-bending conversation!  Key Takeaways:  Introduction (00:00) Judging a book by its cover: The Song of Significance (01:10) AI, magic, and the future of education (05:22) The half-life of companies (16:29) Seth’s writing process (24:13) Final questions (41:47) Outro (44:41) — Additional resources:  🥗 Thanks, HelloFresh! Go to and use code 50impossible for 50% off plus 15% off the next 2 months. 📝 With a MasterClass annual membership, you can take one-on-one classes from the world’s best for $10 a month with your annual membership, get unlimited access to every class — and even better, right now, as an Into The Impossible listener, you can get 15% off when you go to 🧑‍💻 Visit to post your job for free! 🎤 Join me and ⁦Lawrence Krauss for an Onstage Dialogue ⁦at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM: ➡️ Check out Seth Godin:  📚 The Song of Significance by Seth Godin:  ✍️ Seth’s Blog:  📚 The Carbon Almanac by The Carbon Almanac Network:  📱 LinkedIn:  ➡️ Follow me on your fav platforms: ✖️ Twitter:  🔔 YouTube:  📝 Join my mailing list:  ✍️ Check out my blog:  🎙️ Follow my podcast:  — Into the Impossible with Brian Keating is a podcast dedicated to all those who want to explore the universe within and beyond the known. Make sure to follow so you never miss an episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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