Q&A: Protein on the Go, Deadlift & Squat Variations, Whey Isolate for Acne, Mushroom Coffee, & More

07 Nov 2023 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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Ever been curious about different ways to hit your protein targets when you're always on the move?  Or perhaps you've considered GABA supplements for stress and anxiety? In this episode, I delve into these questions and many others that come directly from my dedicated followers. As always, these questions come directly from my Instagram followers, who take advantage of my weekly Q&As in my stories. If you have a question you're dying to have answered, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness) and look out for the Q&A posts. Your question might just make it into a podcast episode! If you like this type of episode, let me know. Send me an email (mike@muscleforlife.com) or direct message me on Instagram. And if you don’t like it, let me know that too or how you think it could be better. Timestamps: 0:00 - Please leave a review of the show wherever you listen to podcasts and make sure to subscribe! 1:39 - What protein-packed meals or snacks do you recommend for frequent travelers? 3:30 - Can GABA supplements effectively reduce stress and anxiety? 4:36 - What's the significance of various deadlift and squat variations, like pause, pulse, sumo, and single leg? 5:35 - Are you leveraging AI technologies like Chat GPT for content creation? 13:38 - Are there plans to introduce a whey and casein protein blend? 15:27 - My award-winning fitness books for men and women: https://legionathletics.com/products/books/ 17:23 - I experienced a sudden lower back strain during deadlifts. Should I continue or take a break? 19:35 - Will opting for whey isolate reduce acne compared to regular whey? 20:01 - For optimal ab workouts, should I aim for a specific rep number or go by time? 20:54 - Update on your tendonitis recovery? 22:36 - Why might one experience a reduced appetite during a calorie deficit? 23:29 - Mushroom coffee: Is it worth the hype? 25:48 - Your take on cyclic dextrin as a go-to carb supplement? 26:20 - Any recent findings from the testosterone testing you've been exploring? 32:32 - What natural sources can boost energy besides caffeine and adequate sleep? Mentioned on the Show: My award-winning fitness books for men and women: https://legionathletics.com/products/books/

From "Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews"

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