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16 Maps of Hell: The Unraveling of Hollywood Superculture w/ Jasun Horsley

11 Dec 2020 • 87 min • EN
87 min
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If you appreciate Parallax Views and the work of J.G. Michael please consider supporting the show through Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/parallaxviews On this edition of Parallax Views, a listener recently requested that I interview Jasun Horsley, a writer who has been involved in parapolitical and alternative perceptions subculture for some time now. It turns out he has a new book out, 16 Maps of Hell: The Unraveling Superculture, so I thought this would be a good time to fulfill that request. In 16 Maps of Hell Jasun explores his obsessions with Hollywood over the years and his eventual disenchantment with it over the years. He also deals with ideas of cultural engineering and conspiracy in Hollywood. This leads him to examining the history of Hollywood and its dark side with a particular focus on Roman Polanski, the Manson Family, the Tate-LaBianca murders, the mobbed up lawyer Sidney Korhsak, Jeffrey Epstein, and other sordid goings on in tinsel town that he believes may relate to cultural psyops. We discuss the nature of this thesis, how Jasun questioned it after writing the book, Jasun's cinematic obsessions (including his love of Sam Peckinpah), conspiracy theories and scapegoating, Nikolas Schreck's work on the Charles Manson case, writing as therapy or psychodrama, and much, much more in this fascinating conversation. 16 Maps of Hell by Jasun Horsley Available Here

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