KMO & Carla Diana

018 Humanoids Need Not Apply with Carla Diana

22 Sep 2022 • 62 min • EN


Carla Diana is a designer, author, and educator who explores the impact of future technologies through hands-on experiments in product design and tangible interaction. Her latest book, "My Robot Gets Me: How Social Design Can Make New Products More Human," published by Harvard Business Review Press, came out in March 2021.

Carla and KMO discuss:

  • 02:20 – Carla's book's title
  • 02:30 – What 4D design is
  • 04:40 – Robot friends
  • 13:05 – What a robot is
  • 21:10 – What "entities" are
  • 28:55 – Robots' association with labor
  • 33:28 – Robots interacting with the environment
  • 37:15 – Robots, faces, and shared attention
  • 44:45 – Whether humanoid robots a good idea at all
  • 48:50 – Science fiction affecting robot design and key concepts from Carla

Carla (The Guest):

KMO (The Host):


Featured quote

“Humans were still not only the cheapest robots around, but also, for many tasks, the only robots that could do the job. They were self-reproducing robots too. They showed up and worked generation after generation; give them 3000 calories a day and a few amenities, a little time off, and a strong jolt of fear, and you could work them at almost anything. Give them some ameliorative drugs and you had a working class, reified and coglike.”

― Kim Stanley Robinson, 2312

From "The Padverb podcast with KMO"