KMO & Gordon Eriksen

002 Instagram Attention Disorder with Gordon Eriksen

02 Jun 2022 • 64 min • EN
64 min
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A conversation with Gordon Eriksen on: 02:15 Gordon’s film pedigree 07:45 Making films with iPhones 09:15 Podcasting explosion 11:00 Selling film rights and living to regret it 12:05 The changing nature of movie-going 13:45 Making food movies 17:30 Martial arts films 19:45 Curing Instagram Attention Disorder 24:45 Crashing Chelsea gallery opening parties while being neither young nor a millionaire 28:15 Shooting movies in New York 34:15 Recognizing others in highly Instagrammable locations 36:00 Instagram and Twitter (the host and guest trade their tips and tricks) 38:45 Predicting the future of media 42:00 Interface lessons from the era of newspapers and magazines Gordon's web site: KMO's profile:

From "The Padverb podcast with KMO"