David Greenwood & Diann Wingert , Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD

ADHD, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and Entrepreneurship

03 Jul 2021 • 41 min • EN
41 min
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In this episode of Overcoming Distractions, we discuss a topic that has become very popular in the world of ADHD. This week we discuss rejection sensitive dysphoria with ADHD. Back on the podcast is Diann Wingert, a mindset and productivity coach. She is a former psychotherapist who now focuses her attention on working with success-driven women who may have ADHD. She is also the host of The Driven Woman Podcast. There has been a lot of attention around rejection sensitive dysphoria in the world of ADHD. But this episode is dedicated to RSD in the ADHD entrepreneur world. Diann discusses what rejection sensitive dysphoria is and dispels a couple of myths. First, it is not an official diagnosis as many may think. Diann points out that it is part of emotional dysregulation which many with ADHD struggle with. Dave and Diann discuss why adults with ADHD may be more prone two rejection sensitivity. Because in the end, everyone can experience these types of feelings whether you have ADHD or not. She discusses where and when this can show up when you are an entrepreneur or self-employed and why it can be a challenge for many in the business world. She points out that many may pull back from critical parts of our business because we fear criticism and judgment which can hold our businesses and career back. Diann also makes it clear that rejection sensitive dysphoria should not be your identity. She discusses ways we can look for long term solutions to rejection sensitive dysphoria such as radical self-acceptance and self-awareness. She advises you to understand what the triggers are and not to dwell on this when you feel rejection. She also says that one of the best ways to feel better when your experience rejection is to get up and move, exercise and reconnect the brain to positive thoughts and feelings. Diann also recommends the think up app which helps you create positive affirmations. http://thinkup.me/ You can find Diann Wingert and learn more about working with her on her website. And find her podcast episodes. https://www.diannwingertcoaching.com/

From "Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD"

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