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22 Dec 2020 • 69 min • EN
69 min
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Studies suggest that upwards of 95-98% of the world’s population eats meat. But increasingly, our connection with not only our food but the planet that provides it seems to be on the decline. Personally, it wasn’t until the last several years that I began to bridge the gap between the food on my plate and where it actually resides. Today, my guest is none other than Steven Rinella, AKA MeatEater. We talk about so much during our conversation from the importance of connecting with nature and wildlife, how to instill a sense of love and appreciation for both in our children, the almost unexplainable power of “venison diplomacy,” our interconnectedness with the earth, and what she provides, and our counterintuitive non-adversarial relationship to the animals that sustain our way of life. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Generational hunting Appreciating nature The outdoor mindset Being self-sufficient Slaying dragons Preparing for adventure Hacking it out Broad-expertise Living the pipe dream A cascade of events Catching a break A sense of humanity Improving yourself STEVEN RINELLA My guest today is none other than Mr. Steven Rinella. Most of you are probably familiar with him via his Netflix show, MeatEater. But if you’re not, Steven is an outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, TV personality, and author of his latest New York Times Bestselling book, The MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival. Steven has arguably done more to connect people to the great outdoors than any other person on the planet. He got his start as a journalist writing about the joys and benefits of connecting with nature and has since become an extremely popular hunter and conservationist. Gents, I think you’re really going to enjoy this one and it’s my hope that it inspires you to get outside and share the love of nature with future generations. ORIGIN BEARD OIL Obviously, I’ve got a beard. And, obviously, it’s a glorious one. And, not surprisingly, I get a lot of questions about how I maintain such a luxurious beard. The answer is simple: as with anything else, I take care of it. And, because I do (and also, because I’m a control freak), I had to ensure that I take care of it my way. That’s why I’m stoked to tell you about my partnership with Origin Maine to bring you a 100% sourced and made in America Beard Oil that will ensure you look your best. We’re in the early stages of “pre-launch” right now and based on the demand and popularity, I think we’re going to run out of our initial run. So, if you’re even remotely interested in making sure your beard is on point, here is what I need you to do: sign up for an early notification at www.originbeardoil.com. That’s it for now. All I need you to do is sign up for notifications. If you do, we’re going to release it to you first, then (if we have any left), release it to the world. And, we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve for those of you who sign up early. Again, get signed up early at www.originbeardoil.com. Read full article https://www.orderofman.com/308 Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready. Join our exclusive brotherhood, the Iron Council. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/orderofman Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter Please leave us a rating and review Support Order of Man by picking up some new merchandise in our store  

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