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Steven Rinella & Rob Lowe 06 Nov 2023 • EN

Ep. 492: Fishing and Films with Rob Lowe

Steven Rinella talks to Rob Lowe, Spencer Neuharth, Randall Williams, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.  Topics discussed: The Trivia board game is available at last!; Spearing and fileting mahi; when you have a law degree and a commercial fishing license; being into the technical fishing scene; how Rob’s mom studied

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Welcome to the EIGHTH episode of Rut Fresh Radio for the 2023 Season! In each episode, K.C. and Tyler interview deer hunters from across the country in search of the freshest, most current information on Whitetail Buck movement and hear stories of hunting success. This week we talk to Steven Rinella, Chris Bee, Sam Hog

39 min
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Ryan Holiday & Steven Rinella 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Steven Rinella On Rockhounding, Stoic Wisdom & Controlling The Process

Ryan talks to Steven Rinella about the sense of wonder, respect & adventure for nature, spending time with family, rockhounding and his new book published back in june catch a crayfish, count the stars: fun projects, skills, and adventures for outdoor kids . Steve Rinella, from his books to his groundbreaking show Meat

73 min
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Steven Rinella 09 Oct 2023 • EN

So You Wanna Be … a Hunter? With Steven Rinella

It’s a meaty episode as Dave talks about the three things he looks for in a steak house before being joined by hunter, conservationist, and MeatEater founder Steven Rinella. Steven and Dave discuss a variety of topics, including meat consumption, demystifying the meaning of “gamy” when it comes to the taste of wild mea

85 min
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Brendan Schaub + Bryan Callen & Steven Rinella 26 Sep 2023 • EN

The MeatEater Steven Rinella | TFATK Ep. 930

Steven Rinella joins the show and discusses the craziest, wildest, best and worst things he's eaten during his hunting and fishing adventures around the world, how he started MeatEater, getting trichinosis from eating raw bear, being considered the Michael Jordan of hunters, taking Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen hunting, f

105 min
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Today's show is a deep dive on the challenges of parenting in our society today. First, Megyn Kelly is joined by Steven Rinella, author of "Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars," to discuss the value of spending time with family outside, the importance of getting away from technology, the changes in how kids were raised i

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