How To Get Leads With A Guest Podcasting Strategy With Chris Mercer

27 Oct 2022 • 41 min • EN
41 min
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When Chris “Mercer” Mercer started growing his Measurement Marketing business, he didn’t have a lot of money to put into ads.  So he developed a strategy that helped him get leads without a lot of effort.  And he continues to get leads from those same sources even today. How did Mercer do it? He adopted a guest podcasting strategy. And in this episode he shares exactly how he went about it and how you can, too, even if you speak on podcasts that don’t have many listeners. We talked about:   Why not wanting to use analytics is like wanting to use diet pills to lose weight How working in a narrow niche can make it seem difficult to attract your ideal audience How Mercer got started using guest podcasting as a marketing strategy Unforeseen long-term benefits of using a guest podcasting strategy Hype and profitability Why a “spray and pray” approach to marketing Mercer’s process and pro tips for landing guest podcast appearances Tips for people who would like Mercer to be on their podcast Why it doesn’t matter if the podcast you are a guest on only has 2 listeners How to be a good podcast guest Brands and bridges So if you’re looking for more leads, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the business game for awhile, have a listen to what Mercer has to say about guest podcasting as a marketing strategy.  There’s a lot of value there. See for privacy information.

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