The 1 Simple Thing You Must Do If You Want To Get The Best Out Of Your Website Analytics With Chris "Mercer" Mercer

07 Apr 2022 • 50 min • EN
50 min
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Are you one of those people who think they’re not a numbers person and you’ll do anything to avoid having to look at your website stats? Especially if it involves using Google Analytics? Well you’re not alone. So many people I work with and talk to have a natural aversion to anything to do with analytics or even just numbers in general. Today’s podcast guest has a really simple explanation for how you can stop being afraid of your website’s analytics and learn how to use tools like Google Analytics in ways that will powerfully help you build your business. Chris “Mercer” Mercer is a highly successful measurement marketing expert and teaches people how to turn jumbles of numbers into clear concise answers to questions. Questions you should be asking so you can start optimising all of your marketing efforts. I learned so much just from talking with Mercer and I know you will, too. We talked about: Fear of numbers and how to turn those numbers into a story that makes sense [5:18]How if you can read a speedometer, you can be a numbers person [12:06]Why it’s important to think about the online part of your business just like you would an offline (bricks and mortar) business [15:47]The one super poisonous thought and mindset that will cripple (or maybe even ruin) your business [21:18]The difference between measurement marketing and growth hacking [24:20]Rage clicking and tools that can help you visualise what people are doing on your website…so you can make their experience better [26:32]Why you really need to be learning Google Analytics 4 (GA4) right now [28:50]How Mercer’s business model evolved over time and why [40:06]How learning to be a carpenter is far more important than learning to use a hammer and how it’s the same for Google Analytics [47:32] See for privacy information.

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