Jason Wachob & Shanna Swan

Sperm count is declining & everyone should care | Shanna Swan, Ph.D.

11 Aug 2021

From "The Mindbodygreen Podcast"

Shanna Swan, Ph.D.: “[Sperm count] is not just about having babies. It's about how healthy you’re going to be as you get older.” Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist, joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss why sperm count is declining (and what it means for overall health), plus: - Lifestyle factors that can affect fertility - The best & worst foods for reproductive health - How city dwellers can limit exposure to endocrine disruptors - The connection between environmental chemicals & erectile dysfunction - How to increase sperm count & enhance fertility Referenced in the episode: - Swan's book, Countdown. - Swan's meta-analysis showing sperm count dropped 59% from 1973 to 2011. - Swan's podcast episode on The Joe Rogan Experience. - Environmental Working Group's consumer guides. - A study showing prenatal exposure to phlathlates associated with decreased penile size. - Defend Our Health website. - A study showing male exposure to BPAs at work associated with sexual dysfunction. - A 2015 study in Denmark showing smoking marijuana more than once a week associated with 29% lower sperm count. Enjoy this episode! Whether it's an article or podcast, we want to know what we can do to help here at mindbodygreen. Let us know at: podcast@mindbodygreen.com.