Reid Hoffman & Jessica Alba

99. The Honest Company’s Jessica Alba: Make your customer the star

12 Oct 2021

From "Masters of Scale"

Jessica Alba’s approach in founding and building The Honest Company revolves around three letters: IRL, a useful acronym for “In Real Life.” This phrase acts as a reminder for the company to shine the spotlight onto their customer’s real needs – not only to understand them, but to address them as well. Alba built the company around her passion to make childcare and household products that are safe and eco-friendly. By asking her team “What’s the IRL version of this?”, Alba focuses the company to make products that will enhance the customer’s everyday lives. “A lot of these product ideas come from: What do I wish I had to optimize the life experience – and then, how can we do it?”  Read a transcript of this episode: Subscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at