Living with ADHD & CPTSD with Russ Germaine

07 Feb 2023 • 54 min • EN
54 min
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This is a doozy as in this episode ran close to 2 hours so this is part one.  Listen in as we discuss some of the miscommunications that can happen when ADHD brain meets neurotypical brain.  Of course we also go off on a few tangents what interview would be complete with out them?  Russ is the Author of “Living With ADHD and CPTSD”.  He was born in Edmonton Alberta Canada, someone who is learning to understand his disabilities “ADHD and CPTSD” and overcome them to live a happier, better life and not excuse his issues but instead learn how to live with them. Russ has several interests that span from Photography, Drawing and Art, to Nature, Computers, and Walks with his dog Murray. Find Russ" website:  Part II will be up Monday February 13th (2023) Support the show

From "Excuse My ADHD"

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