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04 Feb 2024 • 16 min • EN
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This week, we are revisiting a clip from the profound episode with high-performance ADHD Coach Kim Raine about finding a balance between our restless energy, relentless drive and hitting burnout. Kim is also the author of Square Pegs - A Book Of Self-Discovery For Women With ADHD. As women with ADHD, we have an abundance of ideas, but thriving in business can feel difficult if we work against ourselves. By taking time to rest and make space while being consciously aware of where our energy and creativity levels are, we can be more successful and focused in our careers alongside ADHD. Watch the Preventing ADHD Burnout Workshop that Kate mentions in the episode here. During this episode, Kate and Kim speak about:How entrepreneurship and ADHD often go hand in handHow our brains thrive when we're creatingHow burnout and our ADHD nervous systems can hold us back in businessHow to thrive with ADHD in businessBy slowing down, we can achieve more with ADHDHyperfocus and 'sprinting'Workaholism, ADHD and burnoutFinding a balance between our ambitions and our energy levelsThe fear of burnout can hold us back in businessBeing enough with our relentless mindsIt's ok to stand still and celebrate our achievementsBeing ok with what we've done that dayHow 'Comparisonitis' and RSD can hold us back in the way we do businessTrusting how we work even though it looks different to othersTailor-making a career that works for our creativity, cycles and energy Kate Moryoussef is a women’s ADHD Lifestyle & Wellbeing coach and EFT practitioner helping overwhelmed and unfulfilled newly-diagnosed ADHD women find more calm, balance, hope, health, compassion, creativity and clarity.  Have a look at some of Kate's workshops and free resources here. Follow the podcast on Instagram here Follow Kate on Instagram here Find Kate's resources on ADDitude magazine here

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