John Lowry—Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Negotiation

06 Nov 2023 • 38 min • EN
38 min
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Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at and transform your expertise into a lucrative consulting career. If you pre-order right now at, you'll unlock amazing bonuses like the 90-minute audio summary of the book so you're immediately able to jump start your coaching career!    --   Professionals often find themselves in situations where they need to negotiate, whether it's closing a deal, discussing salaries, or resolving conflicts. But many struggle to understand what it takes to be a good negotiator. They get caught up in demands rather than understanding real needs — often leaving a lot of value on the table. So how can you become a better negotiator who creates win-win scenarios?   In today’s episode, Donald Miller is joined by John Lowry, author of Negotiation Made Simple, to discuss practical tips and strategies for effective negotiation. John sheds light on the importance of empathy, understanding, and the “good manners of negotiation.” By shifting focus from positions to the underlying motivations and emotions, you’ll learn how to improve your negotiation skills and make sure both parties leave the table satisfied. Tune in and discover how good negotiation skills can massively impact your life and business.   --   IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPLEMENTING A PLAN TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND REVENUE, FLIGHT SCHOOL IS FOR YOU! JOIN NOW:   SUBMIT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO GET COACHED ON THE PODCAST:    FIND AND FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:

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