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EP7 Daniel Schmachtenberger and the Evolution of Technology

12 Aug 2019 • 82 min • EN
82 min
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Daniel Schmachtenberger is a founding member of The Consilience Project, aimed at improving public sensemaking and dialogue. The throughline of his interests has to do with ways of improving the health and development of individuals and society, with a virtuous relationship between the two as a goal. Towards these ends, he’s had particular interest in the topics of catastrophic and existential risk, civilization and institutional decay and collapse as well as progress, collective action problems, social organization theories, and the relevant domains in philosophy and science. Motivated by the belief that advancing collective intelligence and capacity is foundational to the integrity of any civilization, and necessary to address the unique risks we currently face given the intersection of globalization and exponential technology, he has spoken publicly on many of these topics, hoping to popularize and deepen important conversations and engage more people in working towards their solutions. Many of these can be found here. Introduction and the Evolution of Technology 11 minutes We've Exceeded the Limits of Growth 8 minutes Tinkering with Liberal Democracy is Not a Solution 10 minutes Self Interest, Free Riders, Defectors and Tony Soprano 13 minutes Building a Non-Terminating Civilization + The Charismatic Sociopath 18 minutes Anti-Rivalrous Behavior, Maslow's Hierarchy and "Game B" 7 minutes The Open Source Society 15 minutes Transcript of The Jim Rutt Show featuring Daniel Schmachtenberger

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