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Jim Young: Men and Burnout: Creating Intimacy and Breaking the Shame Barrier

06 Aug 2023 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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In this episode, Jim Young, a burnout recovery coach, explores the topic of burnout in men and the importance of building intimate connections. He shares his personal journey of burnout and highlights the lack of resources specifically tailored to men's experiences. Jim emphasizes the need for deeper connections, not just in romantic relationships, but also in friendships and other areas of life. He delves into the societal expectations placed on men and the shame they often feel when they don't meet those expectations. Through vulnerability and breaking the shame barrier, Jim discusses how men can recover from burnout and cultivate a more fulfilling life. Show Notes: [00:16:57] Introduction to the topic of burnout in men Jim shares his personal burnout journey and the lack of resources for men's experiences The unique challenges men face when it comes to burnout   [00:17:38] Importance of creating intimate connections Jim discusses the significance of developing deeper connections in various aspects of life Highlighting the value of friendship and rebuilding social connections during burnout recovery   [00:18:58] Recognizing the role of intimacy in burnout recovery Jim reflects on his own recovery and identifies creating intimate connections as a key factor The misconception of intimacy being solely focused on romantic relationships   [00:19:25] Breaking the traditional male experience Challenging the societal expectations for men to handle emotions alone and not ask for help The importance of breaking free from the shame associated with seeking support   [00:23:13] Integration versus segmentation Discussing the continuum of boundaries and the importance of finding balance Breaking the pattern of building walls and opening gates to healthy connections   [00:26:00] Overcoming shame and seeking support Addressing the shame men feel regarding their provider role and societal expectations The transformative power of sharing vulnerability and breaking through shame   [00:28:45] Introduction to Jim's group program for men dealing with burnout Jim announces the launch of the Expansive Success program Focusing on holistic success in different areas of life, including relationships, health, and purpose   [00:31:56] The structure of the group program An eight-week interactive course facilitated by Jim Weekly meetings, curriculum, exercises, and facilitated conversations   [00:35:00] The power of community and impactful change Recognizing the ripple effect of personal growth on organizations and relationships Building new friendships, networks, and supports through group experiences [00:37:11] Going beyond expectations The significance of providing more than expected in coaching programs Guiding individuals towards their true needs and potential   [00:40:00] Inclusivity and serving all people Emphasizing the goal of helping all individuals through the lens of serving men Creating safe and expansive spaces for everyone Jim Young's work focuses on addressing burnout in men by emphasizing the importance of building intimate connections and breaking the shame barrier. Through his group program, Expansive Success, he guides men in recovering from burnout and achieving holistic success in various areas of life. By fostering vulnerability, community, and personal growth, Jim aims to create spaces that benefit individuals of all genders.   Resources: Jim’s Upcoming Mastermind: Jim’s Book: YNAB (You Need a Budget) -------------------------- FRIED. The Burnout Podcast was created and is hosted by Cait Donovan, burnout recovery specialist. Cait is on a mission to #endburnoutculture. She does this throughSpeaking (Hire Cait for your next event here)1:1 Coaching with Cait (limited places available) or her #1 FRIED Guide Sarah VosenGroup Coaching with Sarah Vosen (Join the Waitlist for the next small group here)FRIED (You’re already here 🙂)Writing (Snag a copy of Cait’s book here)

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