Incorporating Buddhist Wisdom for a More Mindful Business

16 Jan 2024 • 34 min • EN
34 min
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Drawing from my background as a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist who embraced the principles and practices of Buddhism about twenty years ago, in this rather personal solo episode, I share how mindfulness can be applied to business, emphasizing the importance of reducing unnecessary suffering and approaching business challenges with self-awareness and empathy.  Despite not fitting the stereotypical image of a Buddhist, I have found these practices absolutely transformational and decided to record and share this episode because I find that many people want to know more about it.  I have undergone a Buddhist ceremony and consider Buddhism my religion of record, I tend to view it more as a philosophy that influences the way I approach my life, relationships and business.  Maybe there is something in this ancient wisdom tradition for you too.  If you are Buddhism-curious, have heard about mindfulness practice or are just looking for ways to manage your well being and mental health, and lower the emotional stress load of solopreneurship, this episode offers insights into how to incorporate Buddhist principles into business, such as non-attachment, right action, and the neutral nature of money.  Throughout the episode, I’ll discuss the following key points: - Shifting our mindset about effort to feel more grace and ease in its flow in business and life - Managing emotions and thoughts when faced with disappointment or unwanted outcomes in business - Exploring the concepts of right action, non-attachment, and reducing unnecessary suffering in our work with others  - Embracing a mindful approach to business decisions and changing our perception of money as a tool Mic Drop Moment 🎙️ “If I allow myself to get too focused on how fast someone else is growing, or how big their audience is, or how much more successful they appear to be with fewer years in business than me, I have brought upon myself a level of unnecessary suffering that does nothing for my well-being or my mental health, and it does nothing for my business."  Diann Wingert  Mentioned in this episode:  The Four Noble Truths: Make the decision now to start 2024 off right.  I have been revising my signature program, The Boss Up Breakthrough 🔥 to put more focus on implementation and accountability and can’t wait to start helping my clients get results even faster.  Let me help you right size your business,  avoid burnout, establish sustainable boundaries, and uncover the profit potential that is hidden because you have too many ideas, offers and ways to work with you.  If you have ADHD and/ or are gifted, I am your ideal mentor.  It’s hard to identify and implement what’s truly necessary on your own, so if you’ve been thinking about making changes for a while, let’s work together so you can actually move the needle.  At this time,  I am only accepting 1:1 clients and the first step is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation right here: 🌟 If this episode has given you some insights and you are ready to take the first step toward implementing them,  won’t you share your “ah ha” moments with me?  Here are 3 ways to do so: Email me:  Voice message: DM me on Linked In: <a href=""...

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