Tom Bilyeu & Jordan Harbinger , Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

#74 Jordan Harbinger on The Secret to Making Powerful Friends

29 May 2018 • 53 min • EN
53 min
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Jordan Harbinger is a former Wall Street lawyer who learned how to effectively network and build relationships to survive in a competitive industry. Years and millions of podcast episode downloads later, he now uses this skill to bring and interview guests on The Jordan Harbinger Show with the goal of giving listeners insight on how to become a better version of themselves. The man Forbes named 1 of the 50 best relationship experts anywhere explains why your network means more than names on a list on this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.   Impact Theory is proudly sponsored by: Skillshare. Start learning on Skillshare today at ButcherBox. Use the discount code: "IMPACT" at to get 20$ off and FREE BACON" Audible; Try Audible Free here:    SHOW NOTES: Jordan tells how he ended up giving tours in North Korea and his attraction to the forbidden. [2:56] Jordan details his early path into podcasting and it’s evolution into a business. [6:50] Jordan explains how he overcame his shyness as a youth. [15:20] Jordan describes a method for developing body language and esteem and the value of deliberate practice. [17:55] Jordan talks about the art of learning and the value of having a coach. [23:48] Jordan and Tom discuss the process of building relationships and common mistakes people make. [27:07] Jordan touches on reinventing himself and his brand. [35:31] Jordan breaks down the relationship between action and suffering. [45:00] Jordan reveals the impact he wants to have on the world. [48:16]   QUOTES: “A question I will always ask people who think that they're not good at something is how they know that they're not good at it. Usually, the answer has to do with the environment that they learn in or the set up their learning process and very rarely with their actual talent.” [23:55]   “Action ends suffering.” [46:32]   FOLLOW JORDAN HARBINGER: WEBSITE - TWITTER - FACEBOOK - LINKEDIN - INSTAGRAM -   PEOPLE MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Neil Strauss - [4:15]   PODCASTS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: The Jordan Harbinger Show - [2:17]

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