How to Use Your Story as a Tool for Business Growth

06 Apr 2023 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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What is your personal story? Have you thought about how it has shaped who you are as a business person? If not, it may be time to start uncovering it and how you can use your story as a tool for growth for your business.  I am so excited to share today’s guest, Kay Cote, who I met at PodFest in Orlando of 2023. Kay is a podcaster and loves to dance, so you know we instantly clicked! Kay’s mission is to share how to live an elevated life by embracing your truest self.  Main Topics: *Use your story to create genuine connections *How to embrace vulnerability and create trust *How to uncover your lost talents Key Takeaways: *Forgive and release what holds you back *Learn how to talk to the childhood you *Embrace your truest you More About Our Guest: I am a speaker, podcaster and entertainer. My story began when  I was an enthusiastic 5 year old, full of energy and wanting to make friends with everyone. Despite my enthusiasm, after entering the doors to elementary school, I endured 9 years of chronic bullying and lost who I was the lies and harsh words I was told about myself. I remember coming home, hitting record on my old cassette player and recording my thoughts as though I had a radio show. I would talk about encouraging other kids and reminding them that they would get through the hardships of being bullied. Creativity like this saved my life and allowed me an outlet to express myself during the years I endured being bullied.  It wasn't until nearly two decades later that I started researching about the long term effects of bullying and realized that I had never addressed the negative inner dialogue that existed even years after the bullying subsided. Through this realization, I have discovered how to break free from the lies and embrace my true purpose. Today I share my experiences in efforts to help others set themselves free from the lies to befriend their inner bully and discover their purpose.

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