Matty Lansdown & John DeMartini , How To Not Get Sick And Die

How To Turn Your Life Around: Dreaming Big and Executing with Dr John Demartini | EP 335

27 Feb 2024 • 52 min • EN
52 min
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Feeling stuck and unsure how to design a life that you really want to live? Renowned human behavior expert Dr. John Demartini shares powerful insights and practical tools in this episode to help you break free and become your authentic self. On this episode we covered: Prioritizing Life Values:Insights on how aligning with one's highest values leads to a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Impact of AI on Human Experience:The influence of AI on daily life, contrasting its potential for good when aligned with priorities versus becoming a distraction. Taking Control in the Digital Age:Strategies for maintaining control in the era of social media and AI, emphasizing individual responsibility and prioritization. Delegating and Maximizing Productivity:Dr. Demartini shares a personal story of transforming professional life by delegating tasks based on priority and productivity. Balancing Priorities:Practical tips for balancing priorities, breaking down tasks, and avoiding overwhelm with a focus on meaningful actions. The Intersection of Values and Physiology:Exploring how living in alignment with values positively influences physiology and well-being. -- Join the Healthy Mum’s Facebook Group >>HERE<<  PROGRAM ENQUIRIES: Send Matty the word ‘PROGRAM’ right >>HERE<< to start your journey to fix your Emotional, Binge & Overeating -- Where to find DR. JOHN DEMARTINI: Dr. John's Website Dr. John's Instagram Dr. John's Facebook  Dr. John's LinkedIn Dr. John's YouTube -- How to Get in Touch with MATTY LANSDOWN              Healthy Mum’s Facebook Group Take the 10 Day Emotional Eating Challenge Send Matty the word ‘PROGRAM’ right here to discuss our programs Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Join our Email list here -- Intro/Outro track Tropic Love by "Diviners feat. Contacreast"

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