Cortney McDermott , Anti-Aging Hacks

How To Give Yourself Permission And More Accepting Of Yourself - And Find Happiness And Meaning In Your Life: Courtney McDermott

17 Oct 2023 • 49 min • EN
49 min
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Get the full show notes at: [Sponsor message: To get thicker, fuller and stronger hair, make sure to check out and get 15% off your order with code antiaginghacks] Cortney McDermott is a TEDx speaker, internationally recognized expert in self-development and business strategy, and the bestselling author of "Give Yourself Permission" and "Change Starts Within You." 02:45 How Courtney got into writing books? 05:04 How American and Italian work cultures are similar 07:30 How People Are Not Giving Themselves Permission 09:00 How Does The Mind Body Connection Work? 13:00 The Benefits of Feeling Your Sensations 17:10 What About Past Trauma? 21:00 How Does Courtney Apply Neuroscience In Her Work? 24:15 How To Achieve your Dreams And Be Happy At The Same Time? 31:20 How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Be Confident? 35:45 How Do You Give Up Control And Do Productive Work? 40:30 How Could People Be Full Of Joy Or Neutral? 46:00 How Can People Find Courtney?

From "Anti-Aging Hacks"

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