How to Escape the Hourly Rate Trap as a Coach

09 Oct 2023 • 32 min • EN
32 min
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Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at and transform your expertise into a lucrative consulting career. If you pre-order right now at, you'll unlock amazing bonuses like the 90-minute audio summary of the book so you can jump start your coaching career immediately!    --   It's a common struggle for coaches—being tethered to an hourly rate, feeling undervalued, and unable to scale their business. The traditional model of trading time for money limits income potential and growth. So how do you transform your expertise into a sustainable, profitable business without being confined by the clock?   In today's episode, host Donald Miller shares a new perspective pulled right out of his newest book, Coach Builder, offering coaches a lifeline out of this trap. He introduces actionable strategies to diversify income streams, optimize value delivery, and take your coaching practice to new heights. Listen to get the tools and guidance you need to grow and scale your coaching business today!   --   IF YOU'RE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPLEMENTING A PLAN TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND REVENUE, FLIGHT SCHOOL IS FOR YOU! JOIN NOW:   SUBMIT FOR YOUR CHANCE TO GET COACHED ON THE PODCAST:    FIND AND FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:

From "Business Made Simple with Donald Miller"

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