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How to Be Productive (and Happy) - Ali Abdaal

29 Dec 2023 • 64 min • EN
64 min
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Ali Abdal, is one of the world's most-followed productivity experts. His YouTube channel has 5 million subscribers and his new book ‘Feel Good Productivity’ has just launched and if you want to know how to do more of what really matters in life, you need to check this out .  Today he shares insights on the intersection of goals, fun, and intentional living. He delved into the process of writing a book while celebrating the daily adventure of productivity.  Ali also discussed the significance of body, mind, heart, and soul alignment and challenged traditional views on qualifications. The conversation explored Ali's personal experiences, from growing up without a father figure to his journey from medicine to becoming a YouTube sensation.   📚 Become part of the pre-launch team for my new book! Email to join.   In this conversation, you’ll enjoy 3 BIG things: Define Your Destination -  Figure out what you truly want before setting goals; the journey is vital, but it requires clarity on your destination. Focus on What is Fun -  Sometimes the best things in life may seem like a chore; find ways to make tasks enjoyable and embrace the process with intention and sustainability. Celebrate Milestones - Acknowledge and celebrate your productive moments regularly, and plan your journey with a 12-month celebration in mind; focus on the process, not just the outcome.   If you enjoyed this and want to explore more from a best selling author, check out our last week's episode with Hal Elrod. You can find that as EP330 in this feed. You can find out more about Ali at Feel Good Productivity & also @aliabdaal on Twitter & Instagram 🌮 Wanna save money on software? Of course you do!! Find what you need on AppSumo ✉️ Sign up to my newsletter (I reply to emails) 👉 Need help getting started with your own business? Sign up at   Sponser - Gusto Right now, our listeners get three months free when they go to Yep, three months of payroll, benefits admin, and more—totally free. Again, that’s

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