18 Nov 2023 • 48 min • EN
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JJ DiGeronimo is a three-time award-winning author, speaker, and former leading woman in the tech industry. She is passionate about helping women raise their frequencies and empower their future impact through tried-and-tested strategies, mindfulness, and energetic practices. JJ"s story is one of overcoming obstacles and finding her true purpose. After 25 years in the tech industry, she hit a wall from overproducing, over-delivering, and over-committing. She was questioning all aspects of her life and felt like she was her own worst enemy. She tried drinking more wine, sabotaging her marriage, and even considered driving away and never returning. Eventually, JJ realized that she needed to make a change. She started by seeking professional help and began a journey of self-discovery. She learned how to set boundaries, say no, and take care of herself. She also began to explore her spiritual side and connect with her inner power. JJ"s transformation was profound. She went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling connected to a higher purpose, which led to a determination to share her findings with more women. Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life"s Work, JJ’s third book, share the strategies that helped her infuse more purpose and meaning into her work and life. The book is filled with short chapters, relevant stories, and specific questions that help readers evaluate their choices, dig through their stories, embrace their gifts, and elevate their energy. DiGeronimo wrote the book because she believes that "every woman has a unique frequency that vibrates at the frequency of her highest potential." She hopes that Seeking will help women raise their frequency and empower them to believe and align with their highest purpose. Today, JJ is a successful author, speaker, and spiritual liaison. She shares her story and her strategies with women all over the world. She is on a mission to help women raise their frequencies and empower their future impact. Power of No Resource: 10 Lessons I Gained From My Mindfulness Practice: Free Chapters of SEEKING: How to Be Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant? For more information go to… Https:// 

From "The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show- Rebecca Whitman"

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