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How the Texas UFO Sightings of 1897 Inspired Author Brian Kaufman

11 Jan 2024 • 38 min • EN
38 min
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At the ripe age of 40, Brian Kaufman decided to carve out a new trail, trading his chef"s hat for a pen and transforming his lifelong writing dreams into gripping tales that cross genres. Our latest episode welcomes Brian, an author whose works are as diverse as his background, which includes stints as a radio host, pro wrestler, and blues guitarist. We delve into his journey and his latest novel, "A Persistent Echo," where he merges historical intrigue with the fantastical elements of a UFO sighting in 1897 Texas. His determination shines through the recounting of numerous rejections before the triumph of his first published novel. Striking a chord, we explore the creative parallels between the rhythmic storytelling of the blues guitar and the narrative arcs of a novel. Brian reveals the meditative process of story crafting, akin to composing music, where daily walks help visualise scenes as vibrant as cinema. The discussion takes a turn into the realm of film adaptation potential, especially in a post-pandemic world thirsty for content. Brian shares a collegiate epiphany that ignited his passion for the blues, a flame that continues to warm the hearts of his characters and the soul of his storytelling. Closing out, we jam into the correlation between literature and music, specifically how Brian"s novel "Sins in Blue" marries historical fiction with the compelling life of a blues guitarist. Our conversation also waltzes past Brian"s former life as a DJ, revealing an ear finely tuned to the evolution of the blues scene, from the raw delta origins to the electrifying riffs of revolutionaries like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Brian teases his upcoming projects, including a dystopian crime novel, and walks us through the treasure trove of insights and connections waiting at and his Facebook page  Tune in for an episode that resonates with the melodies of a life richly lived and the harmonious blend of history, mystery, and music.

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