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Brian Kaufman is a curriculum editor for an online junior college. By day, he writes textbooks. By night, he writes fiction, including ten published novels and a collection of novellas. Kaufman lives with his wife and dog in the Colorado mountains, dividing his time between various passions, including writing, blues guitar, hiking, and book-hoarding.

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Bob Wells & Brian Kaufman 11 Jan 2024 • EN

How the Texas UFO Sightings of 1897 Inspired Author Brian Kaufman

At the ripe age of 40, Brian Kaufman decided to carve out a new trail, trading his chef"s hat for a pen and transforming his lifelong writing dreams into gripping tales that cross genres. Our latest episode welcomes Brian, an author whose works are as diverse as his background, which includes stints as a radio host, pr

38 min
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Dianne Burckhardt & Brian Kaufman 06 Dec 2023 • EN

S2 EP 95: Brian Kaufmann, TextBook & Fiction Author

Hello Happy People, Today Dianne shares her chat with Brian Kaufman. Brian is a writer who deftly manages to straddle two writing realms, academia and fiction. By day you can find Brian working diligently as a curriculum editor for an online junior college. But like a comic book superhero, his night time endeavors lead

45 min
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Patrick Boggs & Brian Kaufman 22 Nov 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talk with Author Brian Kaufman

Dive into the creative mind of author Brian Kaufman on our latest podcast episode! Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind his unique writing process, a journey transcending traditional genres' boundaries. Kaufman, a literary chameleon, refuses to be confined to a single category and seamlessly navigates various gen

42 min
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