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Patrick Boggs & Anessa Sewell Kent 27 Dec 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talks with Author Anessa Sewell Kent

Anessa Sewell Kent, a proud first-time author hailing from Opelika, Alabama, graces the True Fiction Podcast to discuss her debut novel, "The Bitter and the Sweet." Rooted in the rich tapestry of Southern culture, the book beautifully delves into the life of a southern girl, weaving together heartwarming narratives inf

54 min
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Patrick Boggs & Travis Davis 19 Dec 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talk with Author Travis Davis

We are excited to have tonight’s guest on the show.  Travis Davis, an accomplished author who has enchanted readers with his storytelling finesse. Renowned for his award-winning debut, "Flames of Deception," Davis skillfully crafts intricate plots intertwined with compelling characters. His latest work, "COBALT - Rise

37 min
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Patrick Boggs & Dan Henk 12 Dec 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talk to Multi-talented Artist Dan Henk

Our guest tonight is Dan Henk, a versatile artist, who seamlessly weaves his talents as a writer, fine artist, tattoo virtuoso, and podcaster. This over-achiever explores the shadows of horror, crafting stories that blur the lines between reality and nightmare. His fine art mirrors this dark aesthetic, offering glimpse

51 min
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Patrick Boggs & Patrick Holly 05 Dec 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talks with VP of Creative at Upwork, Patrick Holly

Join us for a compelling episode as we explore the diverse career of Patrick Holly, Upwork's VP of Creative. From shaping brands like Apple and Uber to Harley Davidson, Patrick's expertise in building creative teams has earned acclaim at Cannes and more. Listen in as he shares insights on scaling teams using the Hollyw

35 min
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Patrick Boggs & Brian Kaufman 22 Nov 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talk with Author Brian Kaufman

Dive into the creative mind of author Brian Kaufman on our latest podcast episode! Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind his unique writing process, a journey transcending traditional genres' boundaries. Kaufman, a literary chameleon, refuses to be confined to a single category and seamlessly navigates various gen

42 min
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Patrick Boggs & Alan Wray 09 Nov 2023 • EN

True Fiction Talks with Author Alan Wray

We had an amazing conversation in our latest episode with Alan Wray - the mastermind behind a thrilling new middle-grade novel titled "When Nightmares Come to Town: The Stranger in the Shadows". This spine-tingling book is sure to capture the hearts of children aged 8 to 12, and even captivate the grown-ups. We discuss

39 min
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