Fierce Feminine Rising with Anaiya Sophia

05 Feb 2020 • EN
1 min
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After millennia of suppression, the Fierce Feminine, or Dark Mother, is making a dramatic resurgence to express our universal outrage. She is rising collectively now, and many women—and men—are feeling a welling up of sacred rage inside, a calling to set things right in our own lives and seek justice for those who can’t defend themselves.   Find out the difference between the Fierce Feminine and An "Angry Bitch", Why it is so importnat to support your fellow sisters, who IS the dark mother, the 7 ways to ignite the fierce feminine, and how to set healthy boundaries in relationships.   Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author, and teacher of kundalini yoga. She teaches workshops throughout the world and is known for her role in the creation of a mystical temple dedicated to the Sophia-Isis-Magdalene lineage, where women and men come to heal and receive embodied gnosis. The author of Sacred Sexual Union and coauthor of Womb Wisdom, she is joing us today live from the Occitan region of Southern France!

From "Dr. Kelly Neff"

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