Brian Keating & Eric Weinstein + Stephen Wolfram , Into the Impossible With Brian Keating

Eric Weinstein vs. Stephen Wolfram: The Battle of the Theories of Everything

15 Oct 2023 • 113 min • EN
113 min
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Are you ready for the battle of the theories of everything? Eric Weinstein and Stephen Wolfram, two mathematical mavericks and personal heroes of mine, joined me on the show to debate their theories of everything, answer questions from the audience, and discuss the fundamental nature of the universe.  I thoroughly enjoyed this deep and wide-ranging conversation, and I hope you will, too!  Tune in.  Key Takeaways:  Intro (00:00) Why are young people so interested in theories of everything? (06:32) Is it possible to reconcile Eric's and Stephen's theories? (13:43) The notion of paradigm shifts (20:22) Too simplistic or too complex? (40:02) Comparing and contrasting different approaches (1:07:15) Of what value is a theory if it’s not testable? (1:17:03) The role of AI and the simulation hypothesis (1:31:46) Final thoughts (1:43:59) Outro (1:49:30) — Additional resources:  🥗 Thanks, HelloFresh! Go to and use code 50impossible for 50% off plus 15% off the next 2 months. 📝 With a MasterClass annual membership, you can take one-on-one classes from the world’s best for $10 a month with your annual membership, get unlimited access to every class — and even better, right now, as an Into The Impossible listener, you can get 15% off when you go to 🧑‍💻 Visit to post your job for free! 🎤 Join me and ⁦Lawrence Krauss for an Onstage Dialogue ⁦at the San Diego Air & Space Museum Tuesday, Oct 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM: 📚 A Project to Find the Fundamental Theory of Physics by Stephen Wolfram:  🎤 Watch Wolfram’s TED Talk:  🎙️ Find Eric's Portal Podcast here:  ✖️ Find Stephen on Twitter:  ✖️ Find Eric on Twitter:  👀 Find Sabine Hossenfelder's commentary on Stephen and Eric here: ➡️ Follow me on your fav platforms: ✖️ Twitter:  🔔 YouTube:  📝 Join my mailing list:  ✍️ Check out my blog:  🎙️ Follow my podcast:  — Into the Impossible with Brian Keating is a podcast dedicated to all those who want to explore the universe within and beyond the known. Make sure to follow so you never miss an episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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