Ed Mylett & Deepak Chopra

Change Your Reality w/ Dr. Deepak Chopra

24 Jan 2023 • 55 min • EN


“Life and death are not opposites. Birth and death are opposites.” This week's episode with DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA is going CHANGE the way you think about EVERYTHING in life. It's an HONOR to have DR. CHOPRA join me for a wide-ranging chat about the MIND & BODY relationship. We discussed how you can INTEGRATE all of these things to help you live a better life. Dr. Chopra’s work has had a PROFOUND IMPACT on my life, and although I’ve followed his work for a long time, I still had so many questions I wanted him to answer... We cover… 🙏🏽 TRANSCENDENCE and the source of all story experiences 🙏🏽 MINDFULNESS and HOW SENSORY EXPERIENCES impact our lives 🙏🏽 IDEOLOGICAL CONFLICTS, the best use of HUMAN IMAGINATION, LEARNING FROM CHILDREN, and CREATIVITY 🙏🏽 Dr. Chopra’s experiments with PSYCHEDELICS 🙏🏽 the nature of the relationship between your MIND / BODY and why it matters 🙏🏽 a PRACTICAL EXERCISE you can use to CALM your HEART and your BRAIN 🙏🏽 how LANGUAGE CONSTRUCTS EXPERIENCE and the 4 QUESTIONS you should ask before you speak 🙏🏽 a frank discussion about BIRTH, DEATH, and why we FEAR DEATH I TOLD YOU THIS WEEK WAS DEEP! It was also one of the GREATEST CONVERSATIONS of my life! Like me, you’ll need to go back and listen to this episode two or three times. There are dozens of thought-provoking ideas you should not only hear but take time to think about. I guarantee you’ll find greater PEACE and CHALLENGE YOUR BELIEFS about the world and yourself as you listen. DR. CHOPRA will make you think about the relationship between your mind and body for weeks to come.  

From "The Ed Mylett Show"