Dreams Interrupted: Exploring the Sleep Dilemmas of Midlife w/ Laini Gray

19 Jan 2024 • 51 min • EN
51 min
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If there were only 1 lifestyle change a client could make to improve her health and well-being, I would focus on sleep. Why? Because sleep is where the magic of health takes place. While we sleep, our brains cache out, our systems detox, our hormones recalibrate, our tissues repair, and our immune system is fortified. AND… sleep can be really freaking difficult when you are in the perimenopausal or postmenopausal years. In fact, this is a topic I seem to spend A LOT of time coaching around. While I have done many episodes on sleep in the past, this is a topic we simply can not revisit enough. So today, I am joined by my dear friend and health detective, Laini Gray. I invited Laini back to the show because: We always have great conversations. She has an incredible way of simplifying complex topics like biochemistry – which plays a huge role in our ability to get quality, especially later in life. So, if you could use a few pointers on getting better sleep – this episode is for you. You can listen here: https://graceandgrit.com/podcast-351/ MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Castor Oil Pack: https://bit.ly/3RM6hx4 Order your own CGM: https://join.theiahealth.ai/c/gray-star-health Learn more about Laini: https://graystarhealth.com/ *** Are you loving the Grace & Grit Podcast? Leave a Review: https://graceandgrit.com/podcastreview Ready to Rumble? Join me in the Rumble & Rise Arena at https://graceandgrit.com/readytorumble Looking for more Grace & Grit? Visit https://graceandgrit.com/  

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