Do NOT “schedule” procrastination when you have ADHD

13 Jan 2024 • 18 min • EN
18 min
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There are huge misconceptions and misunderstandings about procrastination. And Dave tackles this because of a recent social media post he saw telling people that they should schedule procrastination to manage their time. That's bad advice to say the least and to a greater extent reckless, especially for adults with ADHD. There is an enormous difference between procrastination and strategic delay and Dave goes through both and offers a few tips on how to understand your own procrastination a little better. He also talks about how strategically delaying certain tasks or projects can actually work in your favor and help lower your stress. **Do you want to work with Dave one-on-one? Go to and book an introductory Zoom chat. Or go directly to Dave’s calendar;  

From "Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with ADHD, ADD"

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