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Changes Are Coming for Content Creators! How to Prepare for 2024 | Chalene Johnson

13 Jan 2024 • 104 min • EN
104 min
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Welcome Chalene Johnson, an 8-figure entrepreneur with over 90 million podcast downloads, to the Wealthy Way podcast! --- Want to be coached by me on real estate investing? Join our Wealthy Investor program today at https://wealthyinvestor.com/podcast Would you like my team to help build your personal brand? Apply to join Pineda Media at https://pinedamedia.com/podcast --- Connect with Chalene! Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/chalenejohnson/ YouTube -  @chalenejohnson   Chalene has been in the digital marketing space since before it became popular, and now teaches others to use social media for profit. Chalene emphasizes the importance of not worrying about algorithms and instead focusing on creating content that you enjoy. Consistent creation will attract an audience, and one doesn"t need to use all platforms; focusing on one can be effective. When starting a brand, Chalene advises niche down significantly, aiming for the right views rather than just likes. Catering to the algorithm for vanity metrics can harm your business. She also suggests creating content that feels like a FaceTime video, where the audience feels a personal connection. Chalene identifies the underserved market of women over 40 and encourages speaking authentically from your current perspective. Sharing what you know and what you"ve done is valuable, and you are an authority on your experiences. Building an online business is more complex now, and Chalene emphasizes the importance of finding people who can do certain aspects for you. They discuss the significance of living a balanced life and avoiding addictions to work, alcohol, or other distractions. Ryan introduces the concept of the Wealthy Way, making decisions based on what is best for your family. Chalene acknowledges her past workaholic tendencies and the need for change. They stress that your purpose should exceed the cost of what you want to achieve, and your fuel should be deeper than followers or net worth. The importance of making mistakes for success is highlighted. Trial and error, coupled with taking action, is essential. Chalene and Ryan discuss the current shift towards real and raw content, emphasizing the need to get good at storytelling. Chalene suggests taking a leap of faith and putting yourself out there to see what resonates. She considers the email list the best Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and recommends assuming people will only open the confirmation email, making it informative about other products.

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