Chalene Johnson’s Journey from Workaholic Solopreneur to Millionaire Entrepreneur

29 Jan 2024 • 69 min • EN
69 min
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Millionaire Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Health Expert Chalene Johnson shares her experiences building a fitness empire, discovering she was addicted to work, and then finding the perfect work-life balance. 01:09:35 Show Notes: 00:23 - Eric welcomes Chalene to The Excellence Project. 00:38 - Chalene shares how she became an entrepreneur at age 15 by flipping cars. 02:43 - Chalene explains that she did poorly in school and was diagnosed with ADHD. 06:09 - Chalene details the decision that put her on the path to massive success in the fitness space. 17:57 - The moment Chalene knew she was going to be really successful. 20:03 - How before and after pictures got Chalene infomercials about her product. 23:49 - Chalene pulls back the curtain on her addiction to work. 25:48 - Eric reveals his struggles with self-worth. 35:51 - How Chalene realized she had a work addiction when her husband was being treated for his addiction. 43:55 - How Chalene and her husband found the perfect work-life balance. 46:22 - Chalene divulges how delegating made her 10 times more money. 59:30 - Chalene describes how she and her husband cut their stress in half. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at

From "The Excellence Project with Eric Worre"

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