Bridging Differences: A Heartfelt Dialogue on ADHD and Neurotypicals

24 Sep 2023 • 43 min • EN
43 min
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Ever thought about how ADHD and neurotypicals can beautifully complement each other? Join me and my guest Lobow"s Spark  as we delve into how our divergent wiring opens doors to a spectrum of unique experiences and unexpected strengths. We share our own hilarious family anecdotes about how ADHD has played out in our lives, like those pesky speeding tickets and the sometimes chaotic but humorous confusion that comes with managing time.  From driving challenges to task management, we get real about our struggles. Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis or had a panic attack while driving over bridges? You"re not alone. And for those of us with ADHD, the anxiety can double. We share coping mechanisms and discuss how being a passenger can provide a much needed break. In the workplace and school, we explore the need for flexibility and understanding, and how this can help those with ADHD and neurotypicals to work and learn in harmony.  But it"s not all struggles and challenges. The final note of our episode is a celebration of ADHD and the power of individuality. Who knows, perhaps if Adderall had been around earlier, history might"ve been different! Our advice? Embrace your uniqueness. Success comes in all shapes and sizes, and quite often, it doesn"t follow the path that neurotypicals take. So tune in, laugh with us, learn about us and let"s bridge the gap between ADHD and neurotypicals together. We can"t wait for you to join the conversation. Support the show

From "Excuse My ADHD"

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