Brandon Zemp & Dean Tribble , BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain

Dean Tribble - CEO of Agoric (Part 2)

30 Sep 2022 • 27 min • EN
27 min
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This week on episode 278 of the podcast BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, we went LIVE at Cosmoverse for our 3rd interview with the CEO of Agoric, Dean Tribble. Agoric is A Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing Hardened JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi. They enable you to save time by using their pre-built smart contract components and Dapps. They’re secure, composable, and let you get your project out the door fast. Dean Tribble is leading the front as CEO of Agoric. He has an awesome personality and is very enthusiastic about what they are accomplishing in the DeFi space to make it easier for developers to be more creative and get involved in blockchain, as well as the Cosmos ecosystem. The podcast is available on… Apple Podcasts: Amazon Music: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Website: On Social Media… Website: Twitter: LinkedIn: Find Brandon Zemp & the podcast on Social Media… Instagram: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Sign up for the "Future Economy" newsletter… Newsletter:

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