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On episode 387 of the BlockHash Podcast, CEO JB Benjamin returns for another episode with Brandon Zemp to talk about Kryotech, Djinn Technologies and his recent ventures. Kryotech is the company behind Vox Messenger, a new alternative to WhatsApp, currently in development and testing. Combining easy messaging with adva

45 min
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Brandon Zemp & Jonathan Reichental 20 Feb 2023 • EN

Dr. Jonathan Reichental - Author and Educator

On episode 310 of BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, Author Dr. Jonathan Reichental joins Brandon Zemp to discuss his new book, “Cryptocurrency QuickStart Guide”, which aims to be the most comprehensive and beginner-friendly book on the world of crypto to date. Sponsored by Concordium… To migrate global business to b

42 min
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Brandon Zemp & Anthony Mongiello 27 Dec 2022 • EN

Anthony Mongiello - CEO of the Bulls and Apes Project

On episode 301 of BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, CEO Anthony Mongiello joins Brandon Zemp on the podcast to discuss his project titled “Bulls and Apes”. Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a generative 3D NFT project that aims to transform the industry by setting a new standard for what NFT collectors should expec

26 min
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Brandon Zemp & Bryan Johnson 22 Dec 2022 • EN

Bryan Johnson - Sales Rep for Minto

On episode 300 of BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, U.S. Sales Rep Bryan Johnson joins us to chat more about Minto. Mining Bitcoin is expensive. Keeping it profitable is another story entirely. Minto aims to lower both the risks and the entry threshold by tokenizing mining power in the form of the BTCMT token. Recei

19 min
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Brandon Zemp & Dean Tribble 30 Sep 2022 • EN

Dean Tribble - CEO of Agoric (Part 2)

This week on episode 278 of the podcast BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, we went LIVE at Cosmoverse for our 3rd interview with the CEO of Agoric, Dean Tribble. Agoric is A Proof-of-Stake chain utilizing Hardened JavaScript smart contracts to rapidly build and deploy DeFi. They enable you to save time by using their

27 min
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Brandon Zemp & Sean Kim 14 Jun 2022 • EN

Sean Kim - CMO and Co-founder of Avarik Saga

This week on episode 252 of the BlockHash Podcast, we have a brand new episode featuring an interview with the CEO and Host of BlockHash, and a new project from the blockchain industry. CMO and Co-founder Sean Kim sits down with Brandon Zemp to go into detail on Avarik Saga. Traversing through the digital sphere of art

30 min
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