Alex Gluchowski: zkSync - A new Era for EVM-compatible zk rollups

04 Aug 2023 • 78 min • EN
78 min
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Ethereum scaling solutions often resort to tradeoffs, sacrificing security or decentralisation in favour of scalability. However, zk rollups hold the potential of increasing throughput, while also inheriting the layer 1’s security. This is achieved through zero knowledge validity proofs, which are published on Ethereum mainnet. The final hurdle remains the sequencer decentralisation. zkSync was designed around EVM-compatibility, offering custom scaling solutions through its hyperchain architecture. We were joined by Alex Gluchowski, co-founder & CEO of Matter Labs, to discuss the zk rollup landscape, its bottlenecks, and what makes zkSync stand apart as the most popular rollup. Topics covered in this episode:High-level overview of zero knowledge proofsZK rollupszkSync EraZK ecosystem taxonomyRollup performance: bottlenecks & tradeoffsBridging between zkSync hyperchainsData availability. Validium vs. VolitionGovernance & security layersSequencer decentralisation Episode links:Alex Gluchowski on TwitterzkSync on TwitterMatter Labs on Twitter This episode is hosted by Meher Roy & Felix Lutsch. Show notes and listening options:

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