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Brian Crain + Friederike Ernst & Alex Gluchowski 04 Aug 2023 • EN

Alex Gluchowski: zkSync - A new Era for EVM-compatible zk rollups

Ethereum scaling solutions often resort to tradeoffs, sacrificing security or decentralisation in favour of scalability. However, zk rollups hold the potential of increasing throughput, while also inheriting the layer 1’s security. This is achieved through zero knowledge validity proofs, which are published on Ethereum

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Ryan Sean Adams & Alex Gluchowski 02 Mar 2022 • EN

The zkEVM is Here | Alex Gluchowski of zkSync

zkEVM is here! Alex Gluchowski, CEO & Co-Founder of Matter Labs and of zkSync is here to talk about the huge accomplishment he and his team brought to market this past week. This is the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s testnet!  Is this the endgame of blockchain scalability? How were Alex and his team able

72 min
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Friederike Ernst + Sebastien Couture & Alex Gluchowski 15 Jun 2021 • EN

Alex Gluchowski: zkSync – The First EVM-Compatible zkRollup Protocol

zkSync is a trustless protocol for scalable low-cost transactions on Ethereum. It's also the only zkRollup protocol which supports EVM smart contracts. Alex Gluchowski is co-founder of Matter Labs, and co-creator of zkSync. We spoke with Alex in depth about how the protocol works and the potential for a highly scalable

68 min
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Anna Rose & Alex Gluchowski 07 Apr 2021 • EN

Episode 175: zkEVM & zkPorter with Matter Labs

In today’s episode, Anna ( chats with Alex Gluchowski (, CEO at Matter Labs and co-creator of zkSync, to catch up on Matter Labs’s latest developments in extending Ethereum’s capabilities with zk proofs. Alex explains the recent progress in porting Solidity to a

54 min
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Derek Silva & Alex Gluchowski 07 Oct 2020 • EN

Blockchain for Social Impact with Alex Gluchowski

We go down the rabbit hole with Alex Gluchowski, CEO of Matter Labs that's unchaining #Ethereum. He shares his thoughts on preserving privacy, how tech is empowering human rights, and what social impact the public blockchain has on the world.

43 min
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On this Shelter-In-Place Episode, we talk to Alex Gluchowski, co-founder of Matter Labs. We talk about his parents fleeing European HyperInflation and how cash (dollars) was king there. We hear about his political introduction to Libertarianism and why it makes sense to him. We discuss his Crypto awakening, and whether

77 min
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