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EP. 191: Raising Differently Wired ADHD Kids with Debbie Reber

31 Aug 2022 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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Parenting activist and author Debbie Reber had a difficult time with the structure of school growing up, so when her son Asher also started struggling to have his unique learning needs supported in the classroom, she knew she had to do things differently. Incorporating expert advice and a strengths-based philosophy, Debbie started creating the resources that she wishes she’d had when she was younger, and, after much collaborating and fine-tuning, she found an approach to teaching that supported Asher’s ADHD learning needs and encouraged emotional intelligence and self-understanding.    What started as an alternative approach to schooling for her son eventually transformed into Tilt Parenting, an educational resource aimed at helping parents who are raising differently wired children do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy. Debbie founded Tilt Parenting because she knows how isolating it is trying to navigate a system that wasn’t built for differently wired brains and she wanted to help other parents avoid the same painful roadblocks she and her husband encountered. For all the parents of differently wired children who are feeling hopeless about finding the right supports, Debbie’s story will give you encouragement that a different way of parenting and educating is out there and possible. Resources: Website: Instagram: @tiltparenting Twitter: @tiltparenting Facebook: Photo credit: Jacquelyn Tierney Join Tracy in "Your ADHD Brain is A-OK," a six-week program designed for women with ADHD. Enjoy live coaching, a supportive community, and learn to harness your unique strengths. Discover how to focus on what truly matters to you and transform the way you see yourself and your abilities. Start your journey to self-love and empowerment—enrollment is now open with a special discount available!

From "ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka"

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