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83: ADHD for Smart Ass (Sober) Women with Tracy Otsuka

26 Dec 2023 • 57 min • EN
57 min
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Have you ever felt like your brain works differently, especially as a woman, leading you to wonder if there's more to your challenges with focus, motivation, and achievement than meets the eye?   In this enlightening conversation, Tracy Otsuka joins her host to dive deep into the world of ADHD in women. They discuss Tracy's journey of discovering her own ADHD and how it influenced her son, creating a deeper understanding of the different manifestations of the disorder in women. Tracy sheds light on how traditional ideas of achievement, the myth of 'impostor syndrome', productivity misconceptions, importance-driven brains versus interest-driven brains, and more all tie into the experience of ADHD. She also shares insights on how ADHD can often be misdiagnosed as anxiety or depression in women due to societal expectations and gender roles. Furthermore, she explores the effects of hormones and trauma in women with ADHD. Tracy offers her perspective on dealing with the challenges of ADHD, including the positive approach she used while writing her book 'ADHD for Smart Ass Women' amidst personal challenges.   [00:00 - 14:52] Understanding ADHD on Women and Its Impact Tracy discusses her journey with ADHD, initially unrecognized by both herself and her son. Tracy delves into the process of learning about ADHD, particularly its manifestation in women, and how she began to educate herself and others. The experiences of ADHD in women are different, and many are misdiagnosed or misunderstood.   [14:52 - 33:38] ADHD and Its Connection to Addiction Tracy and Amanda delve into the role of dopamine in ADHD, particularly in the context of executive functioning and motivation. Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can exacerbate ADHD symptoms in women. Tracy talks about the societal misconceptions surrounding ADHD and creativity, debunking myths about the need for mental health struggles to fuel creativity.   [33:38 - 48:20] The Challenge of Starting and Stopping Tasks with ADHD Tracy emphasizes the importance of focusing on strengths and positive emotions for individuals with ADHD, rather than dwelling on their limitations. It is important to find one's purpose, which often involves connecting a personal passion with an element of service to others. Neurobiology, particularly related to dopamine, can lead to substance use disorders. Tracy touches upon the relationship between trauma and addiction, suggesting that while not all trauma leads to addiction, addiction often stems from some form of trauma.  Tracy and Amanda discuss the importance of providing accurate information and support to women with ADHD to help them understand and manage their condition effectively.   [48:20 - 57:16] ADHD for Smart Ass (Sober) Women Tracy reflects on how writing the book was a significant personal development journey. Discussing the book post-writing helped her process and clarify her message, which aligns with the typical processing style of people with ADHD. Tracy shares a productivity hack she used: a time management cube that helped her initiate and maintain focus on writing tasks.   Quotes:   "Outwardly, society looks at you and goes, 'Oh my gosh, she's a powerhouse, she's successful.' But inside, we feel Imposter syndrome. We're not living to our potential." - Tracy Otsuka   "Writing a book is probably after starting a podcast is, and maybe they're equal, the best self-development that you can do." - Tracy Otsuka   "We struggle to start, but guess what? We also struggle to stop. It's transitions. So if we can just start, all of a sudden it's emotion." - Tracy Otsuka   "This is more than pages in a book. This is about changing chapters in women's lives. And ultimately, I hope we do so much more than that. I hope we rewrite the ending." - Tracy Otsuka     Connect with Tracy Otsuka! Instagram: @tracyotsuka Podcast: ADHD for Smart Ass Women Book: ADHD for Smart-Ass Women     Learn more by connecting with Amanda through Instagram or visit    It's time to unbottle your potential! Join the Awaken without Alcohol Program, where you'll learn the combined power of elective sobriety, spirituality & manifestation.   🌟 Where To Order My Book Unbottled Potential  Amazon Apple Books Barnes and Noble Target BAM!   If you liked the show, please LEAVE A 5-STAR REVIEW, like, and subscribe through your favorite streaming platform!  

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