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#69 Am I Good Enough to Do This? with Laura Eigel, Organizational Psychologist

18 Oct 2023 • 50 min • EN
50 min
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Believe it or not, one of the key components to feeling satisfied and happy in life is to ALWAYS be growing.    It’s built into our chemical makeup for survival. We get dopamine hits off of overcoming challenges and recognizing we are better than we were yesterday.   It’s part of why so many people leave the workforce to go into business for themselves. That along with bosses who’re stuck in their ways and don’t innovate and the lack of freedom and flexibility.   There is no shortage of opportunity for growth because there are endless obstacles.   It’s not easy. And it’s messy as F!   Sometimes that growth edge feels like too much and the obstacles feel insurmountable. And it leaves you wondering if you’re good enough to actually do this.   I want you to know that you are … good enough. That you can get through this, and you don’t have to do it alone.    This is part of why I share stories of entrepreneurs who are making it work on my podcast. Ones who keep leaning in, growing, and overcoming.    This week I talk with Laura Eigel, Organizaional Psychologist. Even though she had a Ph.D., she found herself thinking she wasn’t good enough at many points in her career. But she kept stepping through the fear. And when she realized she wasn’t growing anymore she took the entrepreneurial leap to help others.  Connect to Genea: The 3 Secrets to Maximize Profit and Impact (that the business gurus won’t tell you) : Website: Linkedin: Facebook business: Instagram:  TikTok: YouTube: Connect to Laura: Website:  Should I stay or should I go quiz:  Linkedin:  Intstagram:  YouTube: Free gift:  Email:    Laura’s bio: Laura Eigel, Ph.D., is the founder of The Catch Group, a leadership coaching firm accelerating women into the C-suite, and the host of the You Belong in the C-Suite podcast. Known for her direct feedback and her passion for living a life guided by her values, she has been an HR   executive at Fortune 50 companies, joined the C- suite as a Chief Learning Officer, and now   coaches high-achieving women to build fulfilling lives inside and outside of the boardroom. She's also a mom, wife, and true-crime podcast fan who loves indoor rowing.  

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