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475. Prediabetes, Metabolic Health, and Insulin Resistance with Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Casey Means, and Dr. Robert Lustig

19 Aug 2023 • 67 min • EN
67 min
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Join us as we delve into the world of metabolic health – exploring the functions and dysfunctions of blood glucose. Our guests, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Casey Means, and Dr. Robert Lustig share insights on insulin resistance, prediabetes, and the importance of diet and lifestyle. Discover the profound impact of excessive sugar consumption, how modern lifestyle practices clash with evolution, and get real food education that can lead you to lasting health. Explore the reasons we are in critical need of cultural and governmental policy shifts to promote real food and prioritize metabolic health for all. In this episode we cover: 00:05:36 – Degraded Metabolic Health 00:07:37 – Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes 00:11:01 – Snacking 00:11:21 – Longevity Switches 00:11:55 – Blood Sugar 00:16:36 – Inflammatory Molecules 00:20:49 – Metabolic Health 00:26:00 – Standard American Diet (SAD) 00:33:41 – Insulin Resistance 00:34:16 – Mitochondria 00:34:44 – Fructose 00:36:26 – Biohacking 00:37:07 – Test Your Fasting Insulin 00:42:00 – Glycation 00:44:18 – Inflammatory Cytokines 00:48:50 – Fat & Energy Storage 00:51:03 – Insulin 00:56:02 – A Cultural Shift 00:59:30 – Food Subsidies 01:01:49 – The Future of Food Prescription Learn more about Commune and check out all our health, nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at This podcast is supported by: Thrive Market This podcast is supported by Thrive Market - Join Thrive Market today and get a FREE $80 in free groceries when you go to

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