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470. Healing From Addiction: Empowering Individuals and Transforming Society with Dr. Gabor Maté, Russell Brand, and Tommy Rosen

08 Aug 2023 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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Addiction exists on a spectrum that encompasses anything we crave or avoid. In this episode, Dr. Gabor Maté uncovers the essence of trauma and explores one of its physiological manifestations – addiction. Russell Brand shares the 12-steps, explores Step One, and reveals how spiritual practices can lead to profound personal development. Break out of the addiction frequency and practice breathwork with Tommy Rosen. In this episode we cover: 0:05:33 – What is Healing? 0:08:16 – Get Curious 0:12:14 – Addiction as a Social Problem 0:15:11 – A Trauma Informed Society 0:23:57 – The 12 Steps 0:30:24 – The Function of Spirituality 0:32:28 – Step One 0:52:00 – Step One Practice 0:57:11 – Breathwork Practice 1:00:00 – The Addiction Frequency Learn more about Commune and check out all our health, nutrition, and functional medicine courses free for 14 days at This podcast is supported by: Parsley Health It’s time to get better and feel better. Go to to schedule a free membership consultation and learn more about how Parsley can help you heal.

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