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39. Finding Our Way: Adult ADHD Before The Diagnosis (with Shane Thrapp)

17 Oct 2023 • 59 min • EN
59 min
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Shane Thapp, an ADHD coach, and I share a common thread in our life journeys. Despite vastly different childhoods and paths through tumultuous early adulthood, we both share a late-in-life diagnosis of ADHD. Together, we engage in a candid and unfiltered conversation about the challenges of living with undiagnosed Adult ADHD and the complexities that arise from this condition, which we were yet to comprehend fully. Shane opens up about his upbringing in rural Texas, marked by the presence of an abusive, alcoholic father. Meanwhile, I speak openly about my experiences in the vicinity of New York City, where I meticulously observed emotions, actions, and sought to fit in. Although our backgrounds diverge significantly, our journeys with ADHD reveal striking parallels. We both grappled with childhood struggles involving impulsivity, relationships, and self-esteem – common threads that resonate with countless individuals who grew up without an ADHD diagnosis, wrestling with the unseen demons lurking in the shadows. In this deeply revealing discussion, we delve into the trauma that ADHD can inflict upon one's life. However, it also illuminates the resilience and strength that can repel the shadows. If you, or someone you care about, has ever pondered what life with Adult ADHD is like prior to finding answers, this episode offers an intensely personal narrative that may provide solace. Join us as Shane and I trace the winding paths that led us to self-discovery and eventual ADHD diagnosis in adulthood. Further Exploration: Website: creatingorderfromchaos.com Facebook: Creating Order From Chaos Consulting IG: @creatingorderfromchaosconsult Men’s ADHD Support Group  

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