#188 Reconnecting to the Body with Tess Jewell-Larson

29 Nov 2023 • 58 min • EN
58 min
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Are you grappling with stress, burnout, trauma, pain, or relentless fatigue?  Or are you curious about the role your body plays when it comes to your thoughts and emotions? If so, you’ll love todays episode with Charlotte Stebbing-Mills and Tess Jewell-Larsen. Tess is  a certified mindfulness coach, somatic healer, a Yoga Therapist in training and co-host of the The Happy Edit. Just like us at Wellness Theory, Tess emphasizes the power of breath, mindful movement, stress management, nurturing nervous system resiliency, cultivating the right mindset, and making essential lifestyle shifts to help clients experience more joy, balance, and optimism, regardless of life's obstacles. 🔍 In this episode, we dive deep into: How stress and emotion gets stored in the body  The difference between between a somatic therapeutic approach and traditional therapy How to use the body to release unresolved emotions, thoughts and experiences. How to practise somatic practices safety The Art of Giving Back to Oneself Be sure to follow Tess’s work here: Website: https://www.tytoniyoga.com Podcast: https://www.tytoniyoga.com/pages/thehappyeditpodcast  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessjewelllarsen/  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tessjewelllarsen/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tessjewelllarsencoaching Much love and wellness,  Charlotte and Jonathan www.thewellnesstheory.com P.S.  Would you like to stress-less and thrive more in all areas of life? Take the Free Stress-Less Scorecard and find out how.  Answer 24 questions in less than 2 minutes to get personalised results. The scorecard will assess: Your day to day stress-management,  How your body is coping with stress Identify the core of where your stress is stemming from   It’s designed for high-performers who are looking to get a clear picture of how to optimize their wellbeing and nip unhealthy stress in the bud once and for all. Here’s the link you’ll need >> https://www.thewellnesstheory.com/stress-less-scorecard

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